What is THX?

There are a million ways to show your appreciation but only one way to show you really mean it! THX. A token of appreciation.

THX is a groundbreaking ecosystem that rewards members in online communities with tokens for valuable behavior. By adding the THX currency to your platform, you'll boost the engagement of your social technology. Powered by Ethereum.

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Our Devoted Team

THX is proudly brought to you by GoalGorilla

GoalGorilla is a digital consultancy in The Netherlands. We're a team of software developers, UX designers, digital marketers, and project leaders with a passion for social technologies.

25 Team Members
175+ Years of combined experience
10+ Years of community building experience

Project members

Mieszko Czyzyk

co-Founder GoalGorilla & Open Social

12 years of experience in strategy and marketing. Designed GoalGorilla's successful equity crowdfunding campaign in 2015/16. A regular speaker at Drupal events.

Taco Potze

co-Founder GoalGorilla & Open Social

15 years of experience in open source and sales. Founding board member of the Dutch Startup Association. Former board member of the Dutch Drupal Association.

Jaap Jan Koster

VP of Product

9 years experience in software development, of which 7 years were dedicated to community software. Leads Open Social SaaS, Distro, and Enterprise teams.

Evelien Schut

Customer Success Consultant

10 years experience in agile project management. Broad experience with community building thanks to her leading customer success role at Open Social.

Peter Polman

Blockchain Developer & ICO Advisor

10 years experience in software development with a focus on front-end. Worked on DAICO smart contracts and co-designed the THX concept.

Natasha Schön

Digital Marketer

4 years of experience in digital marketing. Content manager for various projects and leads marketing meetups at tech-hub TQ. Editor of the THX white paper.

Bram ten Hove

Senior Web Developer

7 years experience in software development. Senior developer for high-profile projects such as T-Mobile Netherlands. Advisor to Open Social teams.

Xinyu Ma (马新宇)

UX Designer

9 years of experience in design and UX. Professional Doctorate in Engineering in User-System Interaction. Worked on projects with Greenpeace, United Nations, and Unilever.

Bianca van Essen

Project Manager / Scrum Master

5 years of experience in agile project management. Experience in community management with Greenpeace. Project manager of THX DAICO.


Danny de Gier

Prof.PgDip Compliance (KYC/AML)

Former Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. Postgraduate, Financial Crime Compliance with 15 years of experience. Former CCO at CoinMetro crypto exchange.

Thijs Maas

Legal Advisor

Founder of Law And Blockchain and writer at the leading tech blog Hackernoon. Experience at Allen & Overy law firm. Co-founder of Tilburg University Blockchain Association.

Peter Staal

Community Building Advisor

Co-founder of Bind, a leading community building service. Community consultant for T-Mobile and many others. Unmatched experience with community building in corporate and government settings.

Kirsten Wagenaar

Community Strategist

Co-founder and director of Bind, a leading community building service. Founder and Chair for Dutch Association for Community Management. Keynote speaker with over 10 years of community strategy experience.

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Our most commonly asked questions and answers

Browse through the FAQs listed by category. There's a good chance you'll find your answer.

1. What is blockchain?

It's a distributed ledger of transactions, providing transparency by being public, authentication via cryptographic encryption, and security by being immutable.

2. What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency (also known as tokens or coins) is a digital currency that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions and control the creation of new tokens.

3. What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a computer protocol that facilitates the transfer of digital assets between parties under the agreed-upon terms or enforces the performance of a contract.

4. What is the difference between an ICO and a DAICO?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) uses blockchain technology to sell tokens in exchange for bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

In January 2018, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin suggested adding Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) features to the current ICO model. DAICOs are more secure ICOs by creating more control for token holders over the distribution of the raised funds.

1. What is a THX token?

A token that is used to reward members in online communities for valuable and healthy behavior.

THX is an ERC20 token and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets. We will have an enhanced Ethereum THX wallet for inside communities where members store their tokens and view transaction data and their community characteristics.

2. Which problems does THX solve?

We've only just begun to understand how to create real value with online communities. Social technologies are struggling to achieve long-term economic sustainability because they're experiencing little member engagement, weak incentivization, and have poor reputation systems. There is, however, a solution on the horizon: THX.

3. What are the main use cases of THX?

THX is used to create value in online communities such as wikis, social forums, volunteer platforms, Q&A platforms, to name a few. It's used, for example, to encourage accurate content contribution, to motivate users to comment and share valuable content, or to ease the onboarding of new members.

The long-term vision is an open, online ecosystem of social applications and a truly sustainable online economy to fuel it.

4. How can I use the THX tokens?

THX tokens are used:

  • within an existing community to reward community members for healthy behavior.
  • to buy products or services in the community that couldn't be bought with fiat money.
  • to refund the Reward Pool to decrease membership costs.
  • to exchange for other currencies and use in the real world.
5. What is our main consensus mechanism?

Our parent chain operates with a Proof-of-Work (POW) consensus algorithm. However, in order to reduce Ethereum Gas costs, we will set up a sidechain that uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm for transaction verification.

DPOS is a fast, more efficient, relatively decentralized, and more flexible alternative to POW.

1. Who is GoalGorilla?

GoalGorilla is an award-winning digital consultancy and the company behind the THX project.

As a business, GoalGorilla has been recognized by Het Financieele Dagblad with the Gazellen Award for being among the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands in 2014. The NRC Handelsblad in 2016/17 also recognized it as a top employer with an exceptional focus on people's personal development. GoalGorilla also secured a seed funding round at the end of 2015 at a $2.3M valuation.

2. What is Open Social?

Open Social is an open source community building solution with more than a thousand active installations and is the launching THX integration partner.

A bit of history: GoalGorilla won the Dutch Interactive Awards 2015 for its work on Greenpeace Greenwire, an online community connecting a hundred thousand volunteers worldwide. This project was the inspiration for Open Social.

3. Where is GoalGorilla located?

GoalGorilla's offices are located in the curated tech-hub 'TQ' in Amsterdam, founded by Booking.com and Google, and in Twente; both of which are part of the StartupDelta in The Netherlands.

1. How can I buy THX tokens?

You can buy THX tokens during the crowdsale and they will be distributed at the end of the DAICO. The date of the DAICO is still to be determined.

2. How are the THX tokens distributed?

The THX tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 55% Contributors
  • 25% Reserve
  • 10% Company
  • 7% Advisors
  • 2% Grants
  • 1% Bounty & Referral
3. How is the revenue from the Token Sale distributed?

The revenue from the Token Sale will be distributed as follows:

Soft Cap ($4.000.000)

  • 50% Software Development
  • 20.5% Marketing
  • 10.5% Business Development & Sales
  • 8% Holding Company
  • 5% Infrastructure
  • 2% Taxes
  • 1.5% Legal
  • 1.5% People Management
  • 1% Securit

Hard Cap ($16.000.000)

  • 53% Software Development
  • 20.5% Marketing
  • 10.5% Business Development & Sales
  • 8% Holding Company
  • 5% Infrastructure
  • 2% Taxes
  • 0.4% Legal
  • 0.4% People Management
  • 0.2% Security
4. What is the maximum supply of THX tokens?

If the hardcap is reached, the total token supply will be 800.000.000 THX (without additional bonuses).


Our glossary contains THX white paper key terms and definitions from A-Z.

Contact us if you have any questions!


Anti-money laundering is a process to prevent, detect, and report money laundering activities and terrorist financing.


A distributed ledger of transactions, providing transparency by being public, authentication via cryptographic encryption, and security by being immutable.

Centralized Communities

Centralized communities typically have a single organization as their most significant stakeholder.

Custom Rewards

Custom rewards suggested by community members, which need to be approved by the rest of the community before they're distributed by the Reward System API.


Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering

Decentralized Communities

Decentralized communities are distributed member networks that are not governed by a central group.


Delegated Proof of Stake leverages the power of stakeholder approval voting to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way.

Engagement Pyramid

A graphical representation of members and their level of contribution in an online community; a disproportionate amount of contributions by a minority of members.


Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

Equation of Exchange

An equation to determine the total amount of utility tokens and their price (TV = PQ).


The application of game design elements in various contexts to encourage online engagement.


The company behind the THX project; an award-winning digital consultancy based in The Netherlands.

Governed Payout Model

Community members will need to vote for delegated (trusted) members that will be responsible for approving all payouts.

Hard Cap

The maximum amount a cryptocurrency receives from investors in its (DA)Initial Coin Offering; for this project $16.000.000.

Hybrid Payout Model

Automatically suggested rewards are paid out immediately but members will have the ability to report on certain payouts.

Immediate Payout Model

The automatically suggested rewards are paid out immediately after the configured period of time.

Key Pair

A combination of a public key, a signature for each blockchain transaction, and private key, used to mathematically derive the Public Key.


Know Your Customer is a process that collects relevant information to determine the true identity of a customer and the type of activity that is "normal and expected," and to detect activity that is "unusual" for a particular customer.

Open Social

An open-source online community solution created by GoalGorilla and built on Drupal, with over a thousand active installations and the launching software client of THX.

Parent Chain

The parent chain is the Ethereum blockchain, the parent of the THX sidechain.


A proof-of-work is a requirement for Miner nodes to compete to "solve a Block," or group transactions, together in (potential) chronological order and have that block accepted onto the global Blockchain of that system.

Reward Pool

The fund that holds all the tokens contributed by community members.


A sidechain is a separate blockchain that is attached to its parent chain and allows the movement of tokens and other digital assets.

Smart Contract

A smart contract is a computer protocol that facilitates the transfer of digital assets between parties under the agreed-upon terms or enforces the performance of a contract.

Soft Cap

The minimum amount a cryptocurrency receives from investors in its (DA)Initial Coin Offering; for this project $4.000.000.

Suggested Rewards

One-time rewards for healthy behavior or recurring rewards for picking up chores, distributed by the Reward System API.


A token that is used for rewarding members in online communities with tokens for valuable and healthy behavior.


An asset that represents ownership of some sort and has both financial and utility value. THX tokens are reward tokens for healthy behavior in communities.

Token Lifecycle

The series of changes or transactions that can be executed using a token.

Token Velocity

Token velocity is the ownership duration of a cryptocurrency token.


Transactions per second is a measurement that represents the number of transactions completed in one second by an information system.

UNIX Timestamps

A method used a lot in programming to describe a moment in time using the amount of seconds since the 1st of January 1970 with every day containing exactly 86400 seconds.


An Ethereum Wallet where community members hold their private key that gives access to their tokens.

Webhook integration

A webhook is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information


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